President’s Club Vendor Profile: Essendant

EssendantBesides janitorial and sanitary supplies, Essendant is a leading wholesaler of office supplies and furniture. Of all the President’s Club vendors we’ve profiled, they’re the first to make any such product line available.

You’ll love Essendant. But what makes them such a big deal? Why should you get excited when we recommend their products for your company?

Find out below:

  1. Nationwide Next-Day Fulfillment

Essendant is one of our few suppliers who’s truly mastered the power of technology. This makes their sales, marketing, and fulfillment processes so efficient they can fulfill your order typically within the next day.

That’s crazy fast! And it’s just one reason why they rank #484 in the Fortune 500.

  1. A Rigorous Business Partner Selection Process

Essendant doesn’t work with just any company to make more money. They’ll only work with you if they feel you’re a particularly strong fit for their business model.

They prefer companies who integrate diversity and inclusion into the fabric of their businesses. In Essendant’s view, this results in higher performance. “Diversity” to them means including people of different races, genders, communication styles, ages, sexual orientations, and religious beliefs.

  1. A Focus on Sustainability

As you might suspect, supplying office furniture could have quite an impact on the environment. Essendant is quite aware of this and has numerous processes in place to minimize environmental impact.

For example, this includes monitoring their fleet of delivery trucks’ miles-per-gallon and idle time. Recycling? That’s a gimme. They also have numerous solar energy pilot programs. And you had better bet that any suppliers they work with must also have sustainable business practices in place.

  1. Numerous Acquisitions Expand Essendant’s Capabilities

Essendant actually only became the company it is in 2015 – though it’s been around since 1920. In the past decade, it has acquired companies like G2S, MEDCO, CPO Commerce, OKI Supply, MBS Dev, ORS Nasco, Sweet Paper, and others.

…Who’s next?

These acquisitions have all expanded Essendant’s ability to supply the best products at great prices.

Yeah, Essendant rocks. So if we recommend them to you, you should absolutely notice yourself jumping for joy inside.

You can bet they’ll only add to your profitability.