President’s Club Vendor Spotlight: Avery Dennison

Switching up from many of our packaging products and facility supply vendors, we’re taking a look at Avery Dennison.

Although they do some packaging materials, they also manufacture and distribute adhesive materials, branding labels and tags, RFID inlays, and even some specialty medical products.

In 2016, they turned $6.086 billion in revenue. And to do something like that, you have to be quite good at what you do.

The husband/wife due of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stanton Avery founded the company in Los Angeles in 1935 with a focus on adhesive labels. Though it’s been sold to CCL industries, the company retains its brand and logo. And in 2015, it still ranked #435 on the Fortune 500.

So when you get an Avery-Dennison recommendation from us, you should leap off your chair for joy!

1. Why Avery Nails Their Product Lines Better Than Anyone Else

Avery does everything from simple postage stamps, ranging all the way to high-performance freight labels. Their versatile products meet practically any specific requirements your company could possibly have – and much more.

That may mean they’re repositionable, resist moisture, or even fight the spread of various microbes. Many of their products have high-speed coatings, which allow Avery to cost-effectively produce a variety of materials at high speeds and with great consistency. This means you also end up with a functional, usable, and visible product.

2. Product Examples Competitors Can’t Match

Avery’s Flexis™ Steam Valve is a multi-layered laminate designed to keep pre-cooked foods sealed airtight until needed for cooking – without any intervention from the customer. So, customers can purchase their food and heat it without even removing it from the package. That also eliminates variation consumers could cause in the cooking of the food. Finally, it also reduces cooking time 20-50%.

Their new Janela™ solution allows apparel and footwear products to have a unique label which connects to an IoT-powered cloud platform. This allows you to capture real-time data, improve consumer experiences, and sell with greater efficiency.

When it comes to labels, that sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

3. Avery Helps You Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

Avery looks at the entire lifecycle of a product – from concept to where it ends up on earth after use. This has led to many of Avery’s products being made of bio-based materials. Avery itself refines its processes and technologies to make sure they best support the manufacturing of products from sustainable materials. And by extension, that means they help you achieve your sustainability goals too.

Avery clearly has more going on than other companies who produce similar products. You get features and benefits unavailable anywhere else. And that’s why you should feel excited when we recommend their products to you.