President’s Club Vendor Spotlight: GOJO’s Purell

You’ve likely already heard of or have high familiarity with (or maybe you even use) Purell hand sanitizer.

And if you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve already seen us profile GOJO.

Today, we’re going to hone in on a specific product line of theirs: Purell.

GOJO brought Purell to market back in 1988 when soaps and hand sanitizers only existed near sinks. Purell’s dispensers and bottles could be placed anywhere. In addition, Purell was refreshing and gentle on your hands – which compared to the harsh nature of other sanitizers.

So even in its infancy, Purell was quite an innovation versus other products.

What Makes Purell the Preferred Hand Sanitizer Among Doctors, Professionals, and Consumers Today?

Many hand sanitizers don’t deliver on their claims. That’s because they’re designed to fight bacteria, which actually become resistant to them.

They also contain triclosan, which is under close study. It’s a powerful chemical that may actually cause serious harm to our bodies and the environment.

Purell, however, is not antibacterial soap, so it doesn’t contain any triclosan at all. And at the same time, Purell delivers on its promises to kill 99.99% of common germs in just 15 seconds. That’s because it’s made of 70% ethyl alcohol.

Purell does deliver measurable business results. In fact, its Advanced Workforce Solution helped reduce one workplace’s healthcare claims related to hand-hygiene preventable illnesses by 24%. It also cut employee absenteeism by 13%.

What would similar results mean to your business?

It’s easy to minimize the importance of hand hygiene. After all, you don’t necessarily see the immediate results.

But in the medical industry, poor handwashing may have been responsible for up to 100,000 deaths!

…Maybe your business doesn’t put people’s lives at risk when it doesn’t observe good hand hygiene. But you can certainly see its importance.

To top it off, you can use Purell safely multiple times per day. They even add bitter-tasting ingredients to prevent children from consuming it around the home.

Purell has released its most potent germ-killing formula ever. And if your organization values hand hygiene, you’re certainly wise to use GOJO’s Purell!