President’s Club Vendor Spotlight: Novolex’ Heritage Bag Product Line

Heritage Bag Company has been producing garbage and recycling can liners for more than 40 years. To Novolex, who acquired the brand in 2016, it simply made good sense to acquire and add the company to its product lines.

But why would Novolex choose to acquire Heritage Bag Company – which already had around 800 employees at the time?

Well, clearly there had to be something special about the brand and its products. They are the largest commercial can liner manufacturer in America, after all. So find out what makes Heritage Bag such an impressive product line that should make you light up when recommended:

1. Amazing Top-to-Bottom Company Quality

You only get a great product from a company that knows how to structure itself for achieving success. Product performance testing guarantees quality – and happens to the point where Heritage Bag establishes industry standards for can liners. Testing happens throughout the entire manufacturing process.

The sales team solely focuses on can liners. They do not sell anything else. That means they deliver the correct solutions with consistency you can’t get anywhere else.

All design happens in-house. And again, this team only focuses on can liners. This specialization allows Heritage Bag to react faster and with greater precision to market changes than any competing option.

2. Differentiation: Bag Thickness Isn’t The Whole Story

Customers sometimes get a little hung up on the thickness of bags as a measurement of their strength. However, Heritage Bag’s innovation in the resins and additives used to make their bags has resulted in thinner, lighter trash bags that are actually stronger and more durable than all others.

Their star seal can liners eliminate the possibility of leaks. And they also allow the bag to more easily conform to the shape of its container.

The company even designs its packaging for maximum ease. Their boxes include two different openings on the top which allow customers to access the product. They can stack these boxes to save access, and can still see all the information they need to know about the product.

Finally, Heritage Bag’s product labels conform to the “Truth in Labelling” provision set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Labeling specifications. That simply means what you read on the label is exactly what you get.

If you see Heritage Bag products you like, or if you find us recommending them to you, you should feel elated! You just can’t get better can liners anywhere else.