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Turn solutions for your business into the trip of a lifetime! Join the 2021 President’s Club program for a chance to win a VIP trip for two an exotic Secrets Resort next year!  Achieve your 2021 growth goal with Pollock Orora and/or Landsberg Orora (DFW & Houston) to be eligible, then collect points for every dollar you spend with our Strategic Supplier Partners between April 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021 and you could win a sun-soaked, luxury beachfront vacation for two. It’s that simple!

All Pollock Orora and Landsberg Orora (DFW & Houston) Customers in good standing during the promotion and at the time of the trip are able to participate. Participants must have prior approval from their corporate office. All corporate offices that specifically prohibit their operations from being involved in promotional trips are excluded from this program.

Participants must be at 21 years of age or older to travel.

Trips will be awarded to customers for the time period beginning with invoiced purchases from April 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021. Only purchases of participating supplier’s products count towards achieving your growth goal and in earning points.


The Trip of a Lifetime. Solved.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the eighth year of our customer loyalty program, President’s Club. This is a fantastic opportunity for you, our valued customer and partner, to join us on an all-inclusive VIP trip for two to a luxurious Secrets Resort next year.  We’ll announce the exact trip details soon!

In For the Win

Existing Pollock Orora/Landsberg Orora (DFW & Houston) Customers are segmented into groups based on their 2020 purchases. Based on your 2020 purchases, we provide you a unique, 2021 growth goal. Upon achieving your growth goal, you are eligible to win the trip.

After becoming eligible, your total points then determine your rank within your group for winning the trip. You earn points by purchasing any of the participating Suppliers’ products.

  • Generally, every $1.00 you spend on products earns you 1-3 points from participating Suppliers.
  • Accumulate points faster – The higher the level of Promoted Supplier listed in the program, the higher the “Bonus Points” their products earn you when purchased.
  • All points are awarded based on purchases invoiced during the promotion period only. No exceptions.

Be sure to review your catalog carefully for the promoted Suppliers that help you earn more points.

New Pollock Orora/Landsberg Orora (DFW & Houston) Customers with no purchases from Pollock Orora/Landsberg Orora in the preceding 12 months will be entered into a sweepstakes drawing after you have purchased at least $25,000.00 of participating Supplier products within the promotion period.

Talk to your Sales Professional, contact us at 800-843-7320, or enroll online to get started today.


Strategic Supplier Partners

Review our complete list of President’s Club Participating Suppliers (Will be updated soon!) and/or request a President’s Club Suppliers catalog to start ordering today.

Enroll in the President’s Club Program

Check out the 2020 President’s Club Participating Suppliers Catalog (Will be updated soon!)