Product Spotlight: Paragon Nexus Machine Film

Ever had your stretch wrap film snap at the least convenient time?

…Is there ever a good time for it to break?

Well, that’s where Paragon Films comes in because stretch wrap is all they do. And their films dominate the competition by a wide margin.

“Their films outperform the competition as it relates to high levels of pre-stretch, load containment, and pre-stretch,” says one of many happy customers.

So when you hear us talk about machine film and Paragon’s name comes up, you should get excited.

Anyway, what’s the big deal about one of their latest products, Nexus Machine Film?

For starters, it comes with a UV light additive, which prolongs the integrity of the film when kept in the path of the sun’s light.

It’s also highly durable, which means the film breaks far less than the competition does when under the same amount of stress.

Only one side clings, which eliminates tails and recoil.

And because of its durability, that means you use less product. That decreases your spend on stretch film. And you also do the environment greater good, which you can advertise to your customers and use to grow your business even more.

Nexus machine film is tested to hold up for at least six months under most conditions.

If you’re already familiar with Paragon’s stretch films, Nexus is the latest and greatest. And if you haven’t tried Paragon’s machine films, well now you’re learning why so many companies have tested and now love Paragon’s products.

How Does Paragon Films Make It Happen?

Paragon’s company culture encourages innovation. And to make sure they develop quality innovations customers will want, they use two third-party testing organizations to test and rank their products in multiple categories (which they routinely win).

Those categories include stretch percentage, force containment, force at 200% stretch, unwind force, and tear resistance.

Unique resin blends and proprietary manufacturing processes, along with patented intellectual property, means Paragon has maintained their leadership position in the stretch film market since 1988, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

So yes, we love Paragon’s Nexus machine film, and you should too! And we’re super-excited to recommend it when it makes sense for your company.