Product Spotlight: Placon Fresh’n’Clear GoCubes

Need to keep your food looking delicious for customers so they buy, while also making sure the package stays absolutely securely sealed?

Placon’s new GoCubes come to the rescue!

Your customers still get all the expected convenience by being able to grab food and take it on-the-go, while also having a secure seal that keeps their food fresh and avoids spilling.

Here’s what the 12-ounce version with a clear base looks like in action:

But, that’s not where the benefits of GoCubes end.

In fact, you get much more with GoCubes:

1. Keep Your Food Fresher Longer

Separating each of the various contained foods keeps them all fresher even longer. Custom compartment trays ensure your team always packages portions consistently, which minimizes prep time.

You can also put the focus on your most delicious ingredients, enticing more customers to buy.

2. Secure Sealing

GoCubes can be easily film sealed, or just have a lid placed on. Tabs are included which allow customers to easily open your items and avoid spilling. This also reduces refunds and complaints.

And finally, this also ensures your container doesn’t fog. That means customers get to see your food items with 100% clarity, which maximizes your sales.

3. Stack Securely and Nest Efficiently

When not in active use to display and sell your food to customers, GoCubes still provide exceptional value to your business.

They’re designed to stack securely so they can easily be carried or transported by your team, without fear of the whole stack falling.

And when not in use, that also means GoCubes can be nested efficiently so they consume minimal space and don’t get in the way of your business’s operations.

4. Brand with Your Logo

Placon doesn’t need to take the credit. Give your company the credit by placing your own logo on any of the GoCubes.

5. Variety of Sizes

GoCubes can accommodate any merchandising approach you can dream of. Eleven sizes are available, ranging from 6-80 ounces in storage capacity. And you can choose from six different inserts, which customize how you arrange the food contained within.

6. 100% Recyclable

Finally, to cap off all the amazing benefits of GoCubes, each container is 100% recyclable.

Each is made with 100% recyclable post-consumer PET material.

Make sure you share that with your customers so they feel extra good about purchasing from you!

Yes. GoCubes absolutely rock. And you should definitely strongly consider them when you make your next food container purchase.