Product Spotlight: Purell ES8 Soap Dispenser Eliminates Need for Battery Changes

Where would we be without American innovation?

In some cases, innovations are huge, while in other cases they’re small but lead to huge benefits for the target customer.

The Purell ES8 falls into the latter category.

Its seemingly minor innovation integrates a small coin-cell battery with each refill so you don’t have to constantly monitor and change batteries for the dispensing system.

So you get a completely new refill of soap and a fresh power source with just a single refill change.

You’ll never have to worry about complaints of a dispenser failing to do its job ever again.

Now that’s a big deal!

Here’s what else will make you love the Purell ES8:

1. Easy Recycling

The bottle and refill easily disassemble so you can remove and recycle both. The same goes for the battery.

2. Simple to Check Refill Levels

Just a single look and your employees can easily tell whether the dispenser needs a refill. Never deal with another complaint about an empty dispenser ever again.

3. Backup Energy in Place

Just in case the coin-cell battery were to lose all its power prior to the refill going empty, the ES8 includes backup energy inside the dispenser.

And it provides more than enough power to keep the dispenser working like it should during high use.

4. Optionally Get Alerts

The ES8 includes GOJO SMARTLINK technology, which means you get alerts when the ES8 needs service.

This also allows you to add other upgrades as technology changes.

5. Highly Environmentally Safe

The ES8 cuts battery waste by 68% and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 15% compared to leading no-touch soap dispensing systems.

That’s something simply you can advertise to your customers.

6. Cool Design That Blends In

So, customers and employees who use your bathroom don’t stand around and admire the beauty of your soap dispensing system.

With the ES8, you get a system with an attractive design that doesn’t look gaudy or cause any extreme reactions.

It gracefully does its job and doesn’t attract attention so your customers and employees focus on what they need to do next.

The Purell ES8 increases your operating efficiency so your maintenance team can focus on more complex tasks and keeping your workplace safe and clean for your employees and customers.

And we wholeheartedly recommend it.