Product Spotlight: Scotch High Tack Tape Keeps Even Recycled Boxes Closed

Isn’t it frustrating when tape doesn’t stick to boxes made from recycled cardboard?

That’s a big problem because greater than 90% of corrugated cardboard in the US gets recycled, making it the single most recycled packaging material.

Recycling’s great. But what if you lose or damage a bunch of your product while getting it to market?

It happens because of the less porous fibers, your tape’s design, and the additional pressure required to make a solid deal.

Well, with 3M’s Scotch High Tack Box Sealing Tape 371+, that problem goes away.

That’s because this tape has been designed to stick to even the most difficult of materials (recycled boxes), and a wide range of other traditionally difficult-to-adhere-to materials.

You’ll also love this tape because:

1. The Adhesion Lasts

No joke. The tape was tested using ASTM Test Method D-3654 and was found to adhere to any select material for at least 3000 minutes (50 hours).

This test covers a variety of materials, including steel and fiberboard.

2. Maintains Performance at Low Temperatures

You won’t lose adhesion when the weather turns cold. Scotch High Tack Box Sealing Tape 371+ continues to do its job, even when temperatures approach 30 degrees.

Yes. It works for food manufacturers too.

3. Quick and Easy to Apply

This tape isn’t different from any other tape you get from 3M.

You can quickly and easily seal your boxes just like you would expect, even given the specialized nature of this product.

4. Can be Custom-Branded

Yes. You can print this tape with your custom branding. Continue to reinforce your value proposition with your customers using a product you trust.

5. Tamper-Evident

3M made this tape clear. That means you can quickly observe any evidence of tampering with the tape or the material it seals.

6. Two Widths to Increase Efficiency

Sometimes, laying one line of tape isn’t enough. That can mean a large decrease in efficiency.

So, this tape comes in two widths: 48 mm and 72 mm.

Maintain your efficiency when you use 3M’s Scotch High Tack Box Sealing Tape 371+.

We love this product. And since we come into contact with many options, we know what works best.

So when you hear us recommend this tape, feel excited because you know you won’t have any adhesion problems or lost or damaged product!