A Greener Way to Clean, Pack & Ship

As you strive to bring more sustainable solutions into your operations, we’re here to make that transition a smooth one. Pollock Orora is dedicated to creating greener workplaces and our industry experts are well versed in the ways to make it happen in the office, the warehouse and the retail environment, in food service and everywhere you pack and ship your goods.

Beyond sustainable and environmentally friendly products, we are equipped to evaluate your building or facility and consult with you on the operations and maintenance required for LEED certification and other environmentally preferable initiatives for the workplace. We’ll go so far as to train your staff and design a custom cleaning and logistics program that keeps you supplied with the green products and equipment you need.

  • Green Cleaning: Design a high-performance cleaning program for your building and stock the products and equipment you need to maintain it
  • Green Packaging & Shipping: Reduce your manufacturing and shipping footprint with custom, environmentally intelligent package design, packing solutions and efficient technologies
  • Green Food Service: Solve your single-use waste dilemma with a full line of eco-friendly, recyclable and green alternative food service packaging and dishware
  • Green Retail: Replace common retail items with smarter, greener alternatives like reusable shopping bags, recyclable materials and recycled boxes, cartons, tissues and ribbon
  • Green Training: Learn best practices, product usage standards, requirements and recommendations that will put your operation or facility on a greener path

Call 800.843.7320 or email info@pollock.com today to learn more about how Pollock Orora can make solved happen for your green and sustainability goals.