Green Packaging & Shipping Solutions

Packaging for the Planet

Improve your facility’s packing and shipping efficiency through better design, better technology and better packing materials. Our packaging systems, packaging supplies and custom corrugated box service offer environmentally intelligent solutions that are not only green friendly, they’re business smart.

Packaging Solutions

  • Custom Packaging Design: Optimize your package size, dimensions and material with computer packaging evaluations for a more intelligent way to save on material, save space in your warehouse, save on your average number of shipments and, most of all, save money.
  • Void Fill: Work with packaging specialists to re-evaluate your packaging fill materials, choosing from superior performance systems that reduce your in-bound transportation impact and free up valuable space.
  • Product Protection: Utilize advance technology to reduce packaging and increase packaging strength to help your products ship with less waste and arrive safely.
  • Carton Sealing: Install innovative adhesive tape equipment to apply the exact amount of seal your packaging needs and save on product waste.

These are just some of the ways that Pollock Orora can make green solutions happen for you. Contact us today to learn more.