Pros and Cons of Automated Packing Processes

Traditional packing involves significant manpower, from the co-workers on the assembly line to the quality assurance team that makes sure the right products go to the right places. For businesses that sell products over time but in massive quantities, automating the process can significantly reduce costs. Automated packing uses computerized systems and specialized equipment to create a streamlined process that involves fewer co-workers and, therefore, less overhead cost. Here are the pros and cons of this technology. 


Streamlined Process

Automating any process has one key benefit: less room for human error. As much care as people take when packing products, there’s always a chance that items won’t get packed or sealed properly, leading to potential loss of inventory or negative customer experiences. As long as the automated systems are set up correctly, they will make the packing process more efficient by reducing the need for a labor force to handle all the packing. 


Easier Tracking

For businesses that sell products slowly, counting on automated systems can take the guesswork out of tracking inventory. Items can be tracked digitally without involving people in the process. This frees up time for co-workers to keep an eye out for potential discrepancies or shortages that take place over time. 


Lower Cost Over Time

By automating a process that tends to involve a great deal of manpower, you’ll find that you require a smaller workforce to do the same number of tasks. While the cost of automated systems may be higher upfront, your company will eventually be able to do more with less. This is a great benefit to companies that have the ability to automate. 


Software Needs Updating

When people track inventory, it can appear to  update instantaneously. However, computer systems updating changes made to inventory can take time. When you move through inventory quickly or end up having rush orders made, this can make your business less efficient. 


High Upfront Cost

Automated packing technology costs money to buy and maintain. What you need to determine is whether your business needs to buy this kind of equipment or if you’ll spend less money hiring more co-workers. That depends on the scale of your business and how it operates.


Automated packing can benefit companies that move a lot of product at a slow pace. If your business is in the market for automatic packing solutions, call the packaging experts at Pollock Orora at 972-263-2126 or reach out online.