Quiz: Assess the quality of your school’s cleaning program

It’s a well-known fact that good attendance positively impacts student performance. And from the other side of things, when teachers don’t have to call out sick, the school spends less money on substitutes. Cleanliness is key to the health of your school.Back to school. School supplies, globe on desk. Education.

However, “clean” means different things to different people. Some schools achieve a level of health and cleanliness that keeps attendance high, while other schools miss the mark, spending all that time and money for little to no reward. The true key to a healthy, sanitary school lies in the planning, implementation, and oversight of your cleaning program. Assess your school’s program by taking the quiz below.

Question 1

Which answer best describes your school’s cleaning program?

  1. We don’t have an official, written, cleaning program. We leave it to our custodians and teachers.
  2. We have an official, written plan but there’s no one in charge of ensuring compliance with the plan.
  3. We have an official, written plan, and a person responsible for its compliance. We continually train and re-train our custodial staff, and teachers are also trained. The plan includes an infection control plan.

Question 2

Does your cleaning program include an ongoing cleaning schedule? And does that schedule include the entire school environment (from restrooms to classrooms to buses)?

  1. We don’t have an official, written, cleaning program. We leave it to our custodians and teachers.
  2. Yes, we have an ongoing cleaning schedule, but it doesn’t include the entire school environment.
  3. Yes, we have an ongoing cleaning schedule that includes the entire school environment. The plan includes cleaning, sanitizing, and targeting disinfecting when/where needed.

Question 3

When is the last time you evaluated the products, equipment, and methods your school uses as part of its cleaning program?

  1. I can’t remember.
  2. Within the last five years.
  3. Every year, we review and evaluate our cleaning products and equipment to compare pricing and effectiveness to what’s new in the market.

If you answered “c” to every question, congratulations—your school is positioned for high, effective standards of health and cleanliness. However, if this quiz made you realize your program has room for improvement, we’re here to help. Contact Pollock at 800.843.7320 or email: info@pollock.com to schedule a free, expert evaluation of your school’s cleaning program.

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