Radiance™ FlexMax Reduces Storage Space Required by Buckets 91.6%

Do you still do storage the old way…with lots of empty buckets sitting around?

The solution to that problem is now here: Radiance™ FlexMax reduces storage space required by 91.6%.

That’s right. 24 empty Radiance™ FlexMax storage bags require the same space as one empty bucket. Just take a look below:

When full, FlexMax bags reduce storage space required for the same amount of liquid by 38%.

What could you do with all the extra space available?

But, nice as they are, those aren’t the only benefits of FlexMax. Here’s what else they do:

1. Greatly Reduce Wasted Liquid

Buckets don’t always empty completely. Sometimes, you still have that tiny puddle running around the bottom.

Have you ever calculated how many gallons of liquid goes to waste and doesn’t get sold?

What’s a rough estimate? And what if you could sell all that liquid instead of letting it go wherever it ends up?

What difference would that make to your company?

FlexMax’ flexible packaging allows you to empty 100% of the liquid stored within. Nothing goes to waste. And that could easily mean big money goes back into your company where it belongs.

2. Easy to Move and Durable

You might worry about the flexible packaging having susceptibility to ripping and tearing. That might mean you lose all of your liquid instead of just some.

…But don’t fret! Stable construction and strong handles means FlexMax doesn’t rip or tear. Just like a bucket, it won’t get damaged and lose your liquid.

Plus, the handles allow for easy transport. Just pick up FlexMax and move it where you want.

3. Be Nicer to the Environment

Buckets aren’t terrible to the environment. But they are when compared to FlexMax.

This product releases 30% less greenhouse gases and reduces post-consumer waste by 65% when compared to buckets.

Now you can tell your customers that you go above and beyond to be kind to the environment…and mean it!

4. Collapsibility Means Even More Space Stored

Buckets always stay their same size. FlexMax holds your liquid, but also collapses when empty. You can easily fit several hundred empty FlexMax containers in the same space as 36 empty buckets.

What could your business do with the extra storage space?

FlexMax beats the living daylights out of buckets. And you should feel excited when we recommend this product to you!