Exclusive Solutions for Every Space, Shipment and Budget

High on quality and low on cost, Radiance™ is Pollock Orora’s exclusive line of commercial cleaning products and packaging supplies for keeping your facility clean and healthy, keeping your shipments safe, and keeping your budget happy.


All you need for daily cleaning of sinks, showers, mirrors, tubs, toilets, tile, porcelain, drinking fountains, grout, and metal fixtures.


Overpower even the foulest odors. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, hotel/motel rooms, smoking lounges, nursing homes, and any area where odors are a real nuisance.


Soft and durable paper towels, facial, and toilet tissue. Designed to fit into a wide range of dispensers for any space, whether it’s a large public restroom, or a private hotel room.

Put Radiance™ to work for your facility

Visit the Pollock Orora website to order online today, or contact your sales professional, to help you find the right restroom care solution for your needs.