Ranpak: The Company to Turn to For Environmentally Friendly Packaging


What’s the big deal about that year?

David Bowie introduced his alter-ego: Ziggie Stardust. Digital watches made their debut. HBO launched into American homes.

…But those aren’t the events we’re talking about.

Instead, it was the year the Ranpak company began producing environmentally-friendly packaging material.

Now isn’t that impressive? The environment certainly was becoming a bigger issue. However, how many companies had environmentally sustainable business practices back then?

With innovation and forward-thinking like that, you know Ranpak has something special going on.

And here’s why they’re a big deal to businesses like yours today:

1. The New WrapPak Protector Continues the Company’s Sustainability Legacy

“Sustainable” and “functional” describe Ranpak’s WrapPak protector. This protector is actually used to keep perishable food bought online fresh.

The difference between this product and competing options lies in its simplicity and sustainability. It reduces costs, saves space, and minimizes handling needed for transported product.

… And of course, it’s 100% recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable.

2. E-Commerce Packaging Experts

RanPak has identified 7 best practices for an exceptional e-commerce order delivery experience.

We can’t go through them all here. But, you can get a few highlights:

  • Using the right size box because often too big of a box gets used, which causes products to break during shipping
  • Using re-usable packaging material because 33% of consumers surveyed say they want this
  • Using an attractive design with innovative marketing writing that creates an emotional connection with the customer

Read the full white paper at RanPak’s website.

3. Custom Packaging Engineering

With proven experience and demonstrated success like this, you can definitely see why you’d want RanPak custom-creating your packaging for you if you have the need.

Through a process of understanding your current packaging design, testing that design, benchmarking your design against RanPak’s new custom model, and training you to implement the new packaging production process, RanPak helps you identify and implement the perfect packaging for your customer.

This leads to much happier customers, which of course results in more loyalty and consistently strong sales.

You no longer have to guess how to do your packaging. You have a proven model and analysis so you know you’re doing the best you can in your industry right now.

So yes, we’re ecstatic to recommend RanPak when their products and services make sense for your business.

And you should jump for joy when you hear us suggesting them to you!