How to Relieve 4 Common E-Commerce Customer Service Bottlenecks

With e-commerce continuing to explode in popularity, you’re going to face customer service challenges also. But, you don’t need to let your customer service fall in quality, like your competitors might.

What should you watch for? Keep your eye on the below:

  • Front-Line Employees Without Decision-Making Power

We can’t tell you exactly what power your customer service team needs. Every business is unique.

However, your front-line employees need some level of power to help customers on the spot. For example, Ritz-Carlton gives employees a $2,000 budget to make any single guest satisfied.

You don’t have to do exactly the same. But your customer service team needs the ability to resolve many simple issues to make customers not just satisfied, but ecstatic.

That also improves your bottom line because fewer issues have to go through management. That takes less of their time. That makes customers happier. And your business keeps a stronger reputation.

  • Maintaining Fast Website Speed During High Traffic Times

Back-to-school is happening right now. Halloween comes soon. And then comes the Thanksgiving to Christmas stretch.

Customers know your website will be busier. But, they don’t want to experience any slower performance than usual.

Put your customers in a good mood when they have to talk to your team by keeping your website running at optimal speed.

  • Do You Have Live Chat Available?

You have associates staffing your physical store, so why would your website be any different?

Customers will always have questions. They’ll always need help. They don’t necessarily want someone in their face offering help every minute.

But they do want at least a box they can quickly find and click to ask and get a question answered. You could also use the opportunity to upsell your customers, when appropriate.

  • Can You Quickly Scale Your Team During Your Busy Season?

The run of holidays from now until Christmas means you’ll need temporary staff to help you out during those times.

What’s your plan for dealing with that? How’s it worked out in the past?

If your process has been less than ideal, have you considered what you could do to make it work better for your business so you deliver better customer service?

When you take the time and invest the budget necessary to improve your customer service, you build more loyalty and longer relationships with your customers. That translates to greater value and increased profits for you.

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