Customer Support

Your Solution, a Phone Call or Click Away

We pair our knowledgeable customer service representatives with the latest ordering and information technology so you always have the answers you need right where you need them.

Online Ordering

  • Use our dedicated ordering site, Pollock Advantage II, to easily place orders any time of day and any day of the week
  • Access rich, detailed product descriptions on all of Pollock Orora’s products and services to find the right solution for you
  • Track your commonly used items for fast, automated re-ordering
  • Monitor monthly usage summaries and order history by item, manufacturer, units ordered and dollars spent
  • Make purchases using the process that’s right for you

Budget Assistance

  • Set monthly spending budgets for yourself and your designated buyers
  • Receive immediate notification if a budget is exceeded before orders are processed

Cost-Saving Analytics

  • Receive competitive cost-in-use and reduced cost transaction costs from a single-source supplier
  • Reduce and consolidate purchase orders to better manage inventory and internal resources
  • Review your purchasing activities with regular reports designed to streamline your ordering and supply systems

Continuous Improvement

  • We’re always tracking and reporting on fill rates and deliveries to monitor for improvement
  • We’re always working with partners like you to ensure that our solutions continue to help you do what you do best and do it for less

Contact us to learn more about how Pollock Orora can put these solutions to work for you today.