School Cleaning Challenge: Dirty, Germy, School Buses

School BusSchool buses can be a hotbed for germs. From the common cold to influenza and more, an improperly cleaned bus can introduce all sorts of contagious illness to the school. Here are tips ensuring your buses are effectively clean…

  • Have a Clean Bus Plan that includes:
    • a detailed cleaning schedule
    • a list of recommended cleaning supplies and equipment
    • information on infection control
    • explanation of which products to use where
    • instructions for safe and effective use of cleaning products


  • Establish ongoing training for bus drivers and janitors. It’s especially helpful to re-train at the start of cold and flu season.
  • Make sure the bus driver or janitor—whomever is responsible for cleaning the bus—understands that cleaning and sanitizing are very different. Specialized products need to be used for sanitizing, and instructions must be followed precisely for such products to be effective.
  • Schedule an evaluation with a professional supplier to make sure your plan and supplies will be effective for preventing the spread of illness. It wastes money and results in poor standards of health and cleanliness when janitors and bus drivers use the wrong products for the job.


What’s next?

Contact Pollock, the official jan-san supplier of NIPA/TCPN Texas, a cooperative procurement program that ensures schools have access to quality suppliers at special, discount rates. Since our founding in 1918, Pollock has earned its reputation for trusted consulting, excellent customer service and quality, cost-saving supplies.

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