Stocking Facilities for a Deeper Clean

Every time your maintenance team opens a supply closet, the tools to keep your facility clean are on the shelf. That’s how it should be. Our customized cleaning systems are designed to help you manage every floor of every building in your operation, automating ordering, delivery and stocking of your janitorial cleaning supplies to increase efficiency and save you money, all in one solution. We make it happen.


  • Essential Supplies: Order all the cleaning supplies you need to keep your facility clean, healthy, safe and productive
  • System Customization: Rely on a tailored system that supplies the products, provides the equipment, educates your staff and sets your workplace up for success
  • Order Management: Utilize advanced order management technology to track cleaning supply inventory and automate ordering
  • Delivery & Stocking: Know that Pollock Orora puts the products your team needs, where they need it to do their best work
  • Expert Efficiency: Eliminate waste and develop more effective usage strategies for your supplies
  • Sustainable Cleaning: Implement green cleaning and more sustainable procedures to reduce your footprint and raise the environmental standards of your facility
  • Team Training: Bring your maintenance team up-to-speed with expert training and education in the latest practices and procedures
  • Measurable Savings: Give your budget a break with noticeable decreases in costs and expenditures due to a better, more efficient cleaning system

Pollock Orora is more than a commercial cleaning products supplier, we’re problem solvers. Find out more about how Pollock Orora can make solved happen for your facility cleaning. Call 800.843.7320 or email to schedule a free consultation today.