Better Packaging. Better Shipping. Better Sales.

Packaging isn’t just boxes, it’s a process. When it comes to shipping, more boxes per pallet equal more goods on a truck and fewer deliveries. Automation helps get the job done quicker. When it comes to packaging, it’s about a custom packaging design and corrugated boxes built around the product so it ships more safely and more efficiently. It’s also about displaying better and selling better in the marketplace.

We’ll help you do all of it, protecting your bottom line with equipment, supplies and custom corrugated solutions that deliver more goods to your customers for less.

  • E-Commerce: One-stop service dedicated to developing packing and logistics solutions for e-commerce businesses and enabling them to deliver tangible results
  • Packaging Systems Solutions: The packaging, equipment and supplies you need to streamline your packing and shipping and save money
  • Stock Boxes: durable boxes with exceptional durability, compatible to your shipping needs so you can secure your products with confidence.
  • Custom Corrugated & Kit Solutions: Custom packaging design solutions, custom cardboard boxes and custom box printing tailored for your products that pack up better, ship more efficiently, display better and sell more
  • Packaging Supply Solutions: Everything you need to get your products where they’re going

Learn more about how Pollock Orora can make solved happen for your packaging. Call 800.843.7320 or email to schedule a free consultation today.