When you need a standard size box, in a standard shape, with industry standard construction, Pollock Orora delivers a better box experience.

Competently Corrugated: From single wall to double wall, 200# test or 32ECT or greater, we stock durable boxes with exceptional durability, compatible to your shipping needs so you can secure your products with confidence.

  • Great protection with shock absorbing, strong cushioning effect
  • Crush resistant rigidity to protect your contents
  • Reduce waste using high quality products
  • 100% Recyclable

Comprehensively Corrugated: With more than 1200 product choices from traditional boxes to dust flaps and cherry locks, we’ve got you covered.

You no longer have to feel like your business is boxed into a corner.

  • Improve efficiency and reduce storage space with next-day delivery
  • Reduce spend ordering only what you need, when you need it

If you can’t find the right size or shape, we can custom create a box for you.