Solutions for Government Facilities from Pollock Orora

Government facilities are much more diverse than judicial, legislative, and executive offices. Every school, from elementary to university, is also a government facility. Likewise, the motor vehicle office, the Department of Human Services, and Americorps are government entities. We proudly serve these institutions by offering facility solutions within several categories. Learn how Pollock Orora can make solved happen for your organization.

Janitorial cleaning supplies

From mop buckets to ride-on floor sweepers, we have your facility covered floor to ceiling with the correct tools for the job. Schedule inventory to arrive daily, weekly, or annually with the click of a button. We can even ensure your specific inventory never falls short with a Favorites list to simplify ordering. 

Office essentials

The old joke about the $1,000 government-issued pencils doesn’t hold up when you order from us. We offer competitive pricing for a large percentage of your office needs, including standard office supplies, technology, furniture, janitorial supplies, and cleaning products. 

Green solutions

Many government facilities are being constructed with environmentally-conscious materials using trained environmental architects to plan the building’s features for engineers and contractors to create. When older buildings are in need of repair, green solutions are employed to bring buildings up to a more stringent environmental code. 

Our green cleaning equipment and chemicals enable you to create a unique cleaning program for each building in your facility. Continue the environmentally-friendly trend with green food service, shipping and packaging, and retail items. Our team also offers training for your co-workers to learn green best practices.  

Food service products

Large facilities with cafeterias and smaller buildings with break rooms will benefit by ordering our food service products. Create vacuum-sealed packages for ready-to-eat items, invest in trays and boxes for dine-in or carry-out items, and keep everyone safe with protective packaging to maintain food integrity. 

Packaging solutions

Our large range of packaging equipment includes more than boxes. With expandable conveyor systems even heavy items can quickly maneuver from one side of the facility to the loading bay on the far side, and you can have case packers, palletizers, wrappers, and a whole warehouse full of equipment ordered, delivered, explained, and maintained by our team.

Corrugated cardboard boxes and displays help locate the correct part quickly and easily. Inside the boxes need as much care as the exterior, and Pollock Orora provides packing materials to safely store or ship goods. Choose from loose packing materials or custom-created, form-fitting molds, and custom fit your inventory in perfectly-sized boxes for easier storage.

Custom packaging design, testing & analysis

Packaging design is more than just good looks. Our team determines the correct container for your product, testing each box and its packing to determine whether it will survive the rigors of shipping and handling without harming your products. Having custom boxes with the correct dimensions will ensure you ship more products with every truckload.

Equipment set-up, training & maintenance

Purchasing an expensive piece of equipment or an entire system needs proper set up and explanation. We offer equipment set up for our customers, train your co-workers to best utilize the equipment, and return on a regular schedule to ensure your machinery is maintained to its best capability.

Technical & regulatory consulting

Need help with the technical or regulatory aspect of packaging? Our consultants ensure your facility is seamlessly converted to a state-of-the-art system that works efficiently and effectively, freeing up your team to work on less tedious tasks. 

Pollock Orora is a proud member of both National IPA and BuyBoard to ensure purchasing products through us is simple and meets local and state procurement processes. We strive to offer competitive pricing to keep your costs low.

Contact us to learn more about how Pollock Orora’s facility solutions can make solved happen for your government facility.