The People of Pollock Orora: Kenny Beasley

Kenny Beasley is what you would call a Pollock Orora “lifer.” He has worked with Pollock Orora for 19 years, following in his father’s footsteps, who worked at Pollock Orora for 39 years, retiring in 2019.

While he has only been a sales manager for about a year, Kenny has worked in sales at Pollock Orora almost his entire career. He is humbled to be in sales and grateful to his mentors. Before starting his sales career, he served his country in the army.

Kenny was born in Houston, Texas, and grew up in the DFW area where he now resides with his wife and 3 children. You will find him hiking, hunting, fishing, or generally enjoying the outdoors in his spare time. He also loves spending time with his poodle Max and his cats George Michael and Fiddy.

A typical day at the office is a mixed bag: Mondays are the busiest, but most days are filled
with in-person and virtual meetings with co-workers. Kenny spends a huge chunk of his days assisting Pollock Orora customers directly. He learned to appreciate the office and customer calls in a new way when COVID removed those vital interactions from his schedule.

If you ask Kenny, his team is the heart of Pollock Orora’s success. His pride in his company is evident when he invites potential clients to tour Pollock Orora; he knows seeing the building and his co-workers will sell the company and its products. Kenny’s goal is to help make his co-workers successful by helping them tackle nearly impossible situations to make SOLVED happen. Kenny’s dream is to help his co-workers reach their earning potential while maintaining a proper work/life balance.

“When you work hard and take care of your customers and business, you should not feel guilty about taking that family vacation,” Beasley said.

When new customers ask about Pollock Orora, he explains that the company provides full facility solutions, from the front of the house to the back of the house. With products and services for a range of industries, from retail and medical to sanitation, Pollock Orora has the potential of meeting every customer’s needs. Beasley is proud of all the products he sells, from the innovative collaborations to the efficient packaging solutions.

“Pollock provides packaging products from the box to the protective void fill inside, whether it is brown or custom printed, to give the customer an unboxing experience they will not forget,” Beasley said.

Collaboration between Pollock Orora and its customers generates new ideas and products that often benefit other customers down the line. Kenny works with customers to create the best products for their businesses in a sustainable manner. This involves using earth-friendly products designed and produced with a lower impact on the environment at a low cost. This is just one example of Pollock Orora’s move toward greater efficiency and sustainability.

When asked how working at Pollock Orora has affected him, Kenny humbly says that it has changed his life. He has developed lifelong friendships with the first friends he made 19 years ago on his first days at Pollock. His colleagues gave him a chance to begin a career as a sales representative, which helped him realize his dream of a good life for himself and his family of five. Through the mentorship of his friends, his success has lasted, and he is able to pass his knowledge on to his sales team.

When you need solutions for your business, call Pollock Orora at 800-843-7320 and speak to a member of Kenny Beasley’s hardworking team.