The Difference Between Good and Great Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning is so easy to dismiss and minimize because, come on, how hard is it really?

Anyone can do it, right?

Well, yes and no. Technically, anyone can just raise their hand and do the job. And many janitorial services hire whoever’s available so they can minimize their wages and maximize company profit.

But ask yourself: is that a winning formula for providing excellent service?

Then you have other companies who hire skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated employees. True cleaning professionals.

And they deliver measurable business results like: fewer employee sick days, increased employee productivity, and reduced workplace accidents…all of which affect your bottom line.

But how do you know you’re hiring a janitorial, cleaning, or sanitation company (whatever they call themselves) who can actually do this?

Here’s what to ask and look for:

1. Purposefully Make Statements Such a Company Knows To Be Untrue

When talking with potential service providers, focus your discussion on results verifiable through your senses: cleanliness, scent, touch, and so on.

A good company sells you what you want. However, a great one acknowledges the importance of those results, but then they redirect your attention to how they can get you real business results with their services.

It may be somewhat annoying to have them correct what you say. But that’s what good companies do because they understand what’s truly most important to your company.

2. Ask How They Pay Their Employees

Good companies pay their workers after they complete their job and around the market rate.

Great ones, who want the best workers who truly deliver exceptional value, pay above market rate and pay their workers immediately. They don’t make them wait.

Top pay attracts top talent. And then the company trains that talent so it produces the value you want.

3. May Not Ask You to Sign a Contract

If a cleaning company doesn’t require a contract, that’s good news for you. That forces them to give you exceptional work and value.

Because if they don’t, then you simply leave.

This isn’t a hard rule. Some great cleaning companies do not require this. But it’s a good sign if you do find one.

4. Listens to Your Needs First

Any janitorial company can create a plan that keeps your office clean. However, the great ones listen to you, what you need done, what you value most, and when you want it done.

Then they create a plan that works for you.

As you talk with the company, you should get prompt and courteous responses. If they seem hard to get a hold of, that’s a warning sign they’re disorganized and may let you slip through the cracks.

Great companies are difficult to find in any industry.

But now you have a basic road map for finding a cleaning service that does much more than clean…and actually drives real business results.