The Ultimate Guide to Providing Amazing Service that Puts Your Customers in a Buying Mood


Happy customers buy more. Ok, so that’s no stunning revelation there.

But did you know that most customers are fine with mistakes when you make them?

What counts not so much in their minds is that you made a mistake, but moreso how you handle it when you do. You build a ton of loyalty and credibility with your customers when you fix a mistake you made in a way that makes them happy.

So let’s think together about the customer service experience from the customer’s point of view when they call in, and how you can make it amazingly convenient:

  1. Start with the Menu Options

Many careless companies want customers to press 3-4 digits to get to the right place. And then customers don’t even understand what number to press to get where they want.

Give them one menu with just 2-3 choices so they can get where they want fast. That makes them happy to start.

You could also consider sending them to a person right away whose job it is to either solve the problem, or get them to someone who can.

  1. Hold Music that Plays

Have you ever called a company and got that loud, screeching music that plays as you wait?

It literally hurts your ears!

Isn’t that the music they played 15-20 years ago back when everyone used landlines?

So why is it that in an era of rapidly advancing technology, something so old and outdated still gets used?

Avoid the boring elevator music too. Instead, think of relaxing music – the kind you’d want to hear while sitting in a spa.

Relaxed customers are easier to talk to and help.

  1. Wait Time

Customers should listen to music for 10-15 seconds. Then a computerized voice should come on that:

  • Tells them how long they can expect to wait
  • Gives them an option to leave their phone number and a brief message with a convenient time to call back so they can get on with their daily lives
  1. The Actual Service Customers Get from Your Reps

The reps your customers speak to need to have decision making power. Plus, they need some freedom to make their own judgment calls in situations that don’t fit squarely into your current policy.

The last thing a customer wants to hear is,”Company policy doesn’t allow me to do that.” They don’t want to argue or fight with your reps. It costs you more time and money when they argue or demand to talk to a supervisor.

So for example, if a certain customer can’t get the shoes they want from you, your rep could have a budget of $500 yearly they can use to randomly give your customer an in-store credit for the inconvenience.

That’s just an example. You have to figure out what works in your company.

Overall, this is just an example of thinking through all the steps of the interactions your customers have when they call you. The more pleasant and easy you make each step, the happier your customers are.

You’ll get more sales now, more sales long-term from them, and referral business too.