Top 4 Strategies for Marketing Your Physical Store

Only 30.1% of holiday sales happened online during the 2017 holiday season says the National Retail Federation.

With the way the retail sales situation appears, it seems as though the number would be much higher.

So, that means 70% of retail sales still happen offline in stores.

How do you increase your market share versus the competition?

Here’s a few ideas to try out in 2019:

1. Give Customers a Reason to Go In-Store

Why should your customers go in-store versus shopping online? You might hold an exclusive event. You may advertise online that you can only purchase certain items in-store. And you might offer coupons that only work in-store.

You could also offer a sensual experience. For example, if you sell scented products, you make sure a pleasing aroma circulates throughout your entire store, which makes it much easier for customers to remember.

2. Add a Genuine Sense of Urgency

What products can you make available in limited editions or for limited times? That’s a little easier to strategize around Christmas during the fourth quarter.

And how can you offer gift sets, collectible pieces, or even a cross-brand collaboration?

In your advertising, make it clear what you offer is available for a limited time only. Communicate a hard deadline so customers know exactly when they have to act.

And then follow through and don’t offer those limited editions or sets again until next year.

3. Implement Customer Loyalty Programs

Forget about offering one-time sales and deals. That attracts customers who come for the sale and never return again.

Instead, add in a customer loyalty program. Offer points and discounts for continued purchasing over the long haul.

Do these programs take some time and money to set up?

Yes. But they pay off well over the years ahead.

4. Add a Subscription Service

Similar to loyalty programs, these keep customers coming back to you for years ahead.

How could you offer a customer something they need monthly for a fee?

For example, a pet store might send bundles with new products for cats and dogs each month. Maybe you include a free small gift with a customer’s regular monthly order.

Or, maybe you send your customers a surprise beer or wine each month.

This applies in every niche. Research examples online, or test out your own.

Physical stores will always remain in demand. Those who differentiate and offer a unique experience will stay in business, regardless of market conditions.