Top 5 E-Commerce Retail Packaging Trends

Sure, consumers don’t see your online products’ packaging prior to purchase. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

In fact, packaging for e-comm purchases is super-important.

And here’s some of the consumer trends affecting e-comm packaging:

1. How Being On-The-Go Affects Packaging

Have you heard about Tide’s three-pack of liquid detergent customers can take while traveling?

They offer it. And customers it.

And yes, they do their laundry where washers and dryers aren’t available. So it does make sense.

Does on-the-go packaging make sense for any of your products?

2. How E-Comm Packaging Affects the Customer Experience

Jabil surveyed more than 200 manufacturing professionals responsible for packaging decisions at their companies.

Most believed that the condition of the package upon arrival had the greatest impact on customer experience.

But, they admitted other factors come into play too: ease of opening, amount of additional packaging content, cost-effective shipping, and ensuring instructions don’t get lost.

Clearly, packaging has a dramatic effect on customer experience.

How can you ensure your packaging leaves your customers with a positive one?

3. Only 54% of Brands Test for E-Comm Packaging Problems

That same Jabil survey found that while 96% of brands think about packaging problems, only about half actually follow through and test.

Most customers believe damaged packages fall on the brand, even if the fault lies with the shipper.

So, that’s the reality you operate with.

And, it’s up to you to follow through, test your packaging, and ensure it results in a consistently positive customer experience.

4. Premium Packaging Makes You Look Good

Another, Dotcom Distribution, found that 60% of consumers say premium packaging makes a brand seem more affluent and expensive.

Go and search online for videos consumers shoot of themselves opening their package.

You won’t have any trouble finding such content.

The point?

Custom branded packaging makes a big difference in the perception of your product.

5. Customers Don’t Like Overpackaging Either

Yeesh. They’re tough! While customers don’t want under packaged items that arrive damaged, they don’t want over packaged items either.

So to succeed in e-comm, you have to find out exactly what this means to your customers. Ask them to shoot a video of themselves opening your packaging, giving only their honest feedback.

Eventually, you’ll have the data you need to make better packaging decisions…and ones your customers want.

Increasing your customer loyalty just a few percentage points results in an exponential increase in profitability.

So, it’s well worth your time to analyze your e-comm packaging and make any necessary changes.