Top 5 Phrases to Use To Improve Your Customer Service

Every word you say makes a difference to your customer.

And how you say each word also makes a notable difference.

But for today, we’ll just focus on what to say to your customers.

So let’s hop right to it:

1. I’m happy to help you again

Most unhappy customers don’t call you up and complain. They simply keep their emotions to themselves and then chatter their dissatisfaction all over social media.

Always let your customers know you’re happy to help them out again.

If negative emotions begin brooding, you’ve at least opened the door for communication again in the future.

2. Great question! I’ll find out for you ASAP

Your new customer service reps won’t know the answer to every customer question.

That’s not a problem.

Their job isn’t to know everything.

It’s their job to get answers so the customer doesn’t have to waste their time doing so.

Make sure to ask the customer the best way to get in touch with them again.

And definitely get the customer the answer promised.

That really stands out. Many reps promise an answer, only to never show up with it.

3. Sounds frustrating

Your customers want to know that you get how they feel.

So when they call you up with an issue, listen to the emotions they’re expressing.

Then, use the most appropriate term which describes those emotions.

“Frustrating” may be too weak of a word. You might have to use stronger words like “infuriating” or “awful.”

When the customer hears that your team cares and gets them, they’ll calm down and be easier to work with.

4. Thanks for bringing this to our attention

Say the customer doesn’t necessarily have a specific issue with your product or service.

Rather, they merely bring up an error that’s annoying, but which isn’t really a deal breaker of any kind.

Thank them for bringing it up!

As a company chasing an immaculate product or service, you’d want to know about any problems.

But many companies don’t because they don’t want to admit where they’re wrong.

So stand out and appreciate the fact a customer took the time to help you improve your product or service.

5. Can you help me understand more about…

Not only is this essential to actually understanding your customers’ concern, but it’s a great kickoff to any difficulty you encounter.

Your customer wants a solution.

You’re trying to figure out the problem so you can give them the correct solution.

It’s as simple as that.

These are all great phrases to use to have successful customer service interactions.

Make sure your team understands these and the relevant ones you want them to use so you offer the best customer service possible.

It can easily be an amazing differentiator between you and your competition!