Top Packaging Trends and Innovations in 2023

As consumers do more of their business online and have higher expectations for turnaround times, packaging innovations are more important than ever. Keeping up with packaging trends is essential for any business that offers Ecommerce, and it’s also an important consideration for stores that do brick and mortar retail. Learn about some of the top packaging trends that have been going strong in 2023. 


Intelligent Tech

One of the emerging trends in packaging is intelligent packaging, which uses technology to provide data about the product, including its storage conditions or usage instructions. It’s also known as smart packaging or active packaging. This type of packaging enhances the product by integrating it with technology. The customer has a better experience because there’s a stronger ability to trace the product when it’s shipping. 



As technology evolves, it’s becoming easier and less expensive to customize packaging. From custom printing of branded designs to customizing the size, color, texture and materials of the packaging, the possibilities for customization are endless. This is a great way for brands to differentiate their products from the competition while making sure their packaging is the right shape and size to safely transport their products.



As customers continue to expect sustainability from the companies that sell their favorite products, the push for sustainable packaging is an important trend. By using more sustainable packaging, your company is doing its part to save the environment while increasing brand appeal. Seek out sustainable materials in the packaging itself and in the packaging filler. These materials are becoming more affordable and widely available, so there’s no reason not to make the switch. 


Digital Printing

The printing on packaging can now go beyond adding designs and logos. Packaging can contain QR codes, graphic and text features that make the packaging more appealing while tying back to the brand. Companies can use digital printing for personalized messages, high resolution images and even advertising campaigns. Digital printing can take your packaging customization to the next level. 


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