Understanding How Ecommerce Has Transformed Packaging Designs

The hallmark of a successful business is no longer contained within the walls of a brick-and-mortar building. Customers who once physically interacted with products (touched them, inspected them, read labels, etc.) prior to purchase have shifted their preferences to online purchasing. They now rely on precise labeling descriptions and packaging that is both appealing and practical when making a purchase. Ecommerce has initiated the transformation of the packaging design industry as it works to build stronger consumer relationships. 


The need for change in packaging designs

The spike in ecommerce trade has altered the standards of the shipping industry. Manufacturers have reduced shipping pallets of the same size, shape and weight of products to retailers as inventory demand for on-the-shelf stocking has decreased significantly. Conversely, the need for ways to ship smaller numbers of items, or a combination of several products is now delivered directly from warehouse to consumer. This change has resulted in the need for creative solutions to ensure that products are delivered undamaged, economically, and in socially conscious packaging.


Sustainability of packaging designs

Resulting from the increase in ecommerce is the need for responsible, eco-friendly manufacturing of new packaging designs. Businesses seek ecommerce solutions as customers are becoming more concerned about the environmental impact that coincides with increased individualized shipping packages. They now gravitate towards purchasing from companies who are working to provide sustainable packaging that reduces the carbon footprint but still provides the necessary protection during the shipping process.


Psychology of packaging design

As an ecommerce business owner, you are no doubt aware that the packaging you use for your products creates the first impression of your company. Whether you manufacture candles, candies or cornhole games, the packaging must convey several things to a prospective buyer: product information, quality and quantity. Packaging must be eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. The unboxing experience should be a delight, a moment where they feel excited and eager to see what’s inside.


Personalized package experience

Packaging is more than just a protective shell; it’s an opportunity to tell your brand’s story. Your packaging should reflect the values of your company and the personality of your products. If you sell organic, eco-friendly products, use sustainable materials and simple, natural designs. If you create whimsical, fun products, let your packaging reflect that with playful colors and patterns. The right packaging can make a big difference in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. If an order is delivered incomplete or damaged, that customer is less likely to make a repeat purchase.


Ecommerce is here to stay

Skimpy, unattractive packaging will not keep customers coming back. Businesses who succeed in ecommerce trade should invest in high-quality, sustainable materials and designs that will make your products stand out from the crowd. Most importantly, use your packaging to create a memorable unboxing experience that will leave your customers feeling happy and satisfied. 


Ecommerce solutions ranging from package label design to the container design itself, brand recognition, quality and consistency are evolving to meet the growth of ecommerce within the global marketplace. Pollock Orora, the company where SOLVED happens, is here to support you with all your packaging and shipping needs. Contact us today, and let’s get solving together!