Using Custom Packaging to Tell Your Brand’s Story

In today’s ever-growing global marketplace, businesses generally need to stand out or get left behind. One tool that companies often overlook is their packaging. What you use to deliver your product to clients matters. Does it hold up through the delivery process? What does it say about your brand? These are just a couple of questions to consider when ordering packaging for your business. Here are some of the ways you can use packaging to tell your story. 

The Role of Packaging in Branding

No matter what kind of packaging you use, it says something about your brand. Sustainable packaging shows that you care about the environment. Packaging with your brand’s signature colors creates a sense of your brand’s identity. Logos, QR codes, taglines and more can all be conveyed through your packaging, giving your customers one more touchpoint with your brand. 

Elements of Effective Branded Packaging

With the ease of branding packaging, your packaging can be part of an omnichannel marketing strategy. Omnichannel marketing keeps your branding consistent across in-person and online interactions customers have with your business. Adding your logo, colors, fonts and imagery to your packaging is easier than ever. If you have an especially innovative brand, consider different shapes and styles of packaging that will create a lasting impression. 

Building Emotional Connections Through Packaging

People don’t only want to know what your business does; they want to know why. Building brand loyalty can’t rely on the quality of your products alone. Today’s consumer needs to have an emotional connection with your brand. Packaging can create a sensory experience through colors, materials textures and even scents. Evoke a sense of whatever your company’s about with branded packaging. 

Packaging That Tells a Story

Telling a story through your packaging can be as simple as including a slip of paper with your brand’s story in every package you send. It can also be printed on your packaging. If your team is a little more creative, consider using storytelling elements like quotes or illustrations to tell your brand story. Your packaging can tell your customers about your mission and values, which will remind them why they should keep coming back to your brand. 

Telling the story of your brand can be done in many ways, and by using your packaging as a storytelling tool, you ensure that everyone who receives your product will have the chance to read it. If you’re ready to tell your story through packaging, Pollock Orora can help. Contact us today to start your custom packaging project.