Waste Management Essentials for Your Business

First impressions are frequently lasting impressions, and Pollock Orora wants to ensure your business shines with a clean, safe environment for your customers and co-workers with waste management essentials.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), every American produces an average of 4.9 pounds of waste every day of the year. The amount of solid waste has increased 77% since 1980 to its current level of 292.4 million tons of refuse every year. Pollock Orora has the tools you need to control that amount of waste, from janitorial supplies to industrial waste containers.

Waste containers and accessories

Pollock Orora has a vast array of waste receptacles, from round to rolling to recessed. If you have an existing trashcan and need liners, a set of caster wheels, or a new no-touch lid, order all these items through Pollock Orora. Add a recycling center alongside the waste receptacles to remind co-workers to help save the planet.

Outside your facility, order one or more of Pollock Orora’s curbside trash receptacles to efficiently roll out your collected debris.

Medical forms of waste require special handling, such as sharps containers for needles and broken glass, containers and liners for medical (infectious) waste, and medical receptacles for disposal of items that have come into contact with patients or health care staff.

The industrial setting showcases heavy-duty products such as tilt trucks to quickly toss larger chunks of waste, industrial strength bags, industrial nitrile gloves, and long reach dust mops to effectively remove waste material.

Recycling made easy

Most co-workers understand the importance of recycling. The ubiquitous blue container with the triangulated arrows reminds us not to simply toss away recyclable items in a retail store. You can also use a recycling tilt truck for your industrial site. For quick recycling pick-up, order a roll-out container for your recyclables.

Janitorial supplies

Unfortunately not all waste material is deposited into the proper receptacle. People are messy. Janitorial supplies are the answer for life’s minor catastrophes. Pollock Orora’s inventory includes disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaning chemicals to remove any trace amounts of food, grease, mud, or proteins that may linger on work surfaces or floors.

Along with the chemicals to keep your co-workers and their environments safe, stock up on the mops, brooms, dustpans, and cleaning rags to remove all the smaller amounts of waste.

Safely handling waste

If the handling of waste was simply taking out the garbage, life would be simple. However, different forms of waste require different handling techniques. For instance, tossing a piece of paper in the trash bin does not require protective gear, but chemical waste often means adjusting the pH, autoclaving, centrifuging, or aerating while wearing face shields, gloves, and aprons.

Pollock Orora has you covered – literally – with protective wear for specific waste removal situations. Aprons, coveralls, gloves, respiratory protection, eye protection, and boot and shoe covers in a variety of materials and sizes allow your co-workers to safely handle waste materials.

Contact Pollock Orora today at 800 843-7320 for expert consultation on how your business can equip itself with the knowledge and materials to create a clean, safe work environment through the power of waste management.