What Are the Most Important Qualities to Look for in Packaging for Shipments?

There’s no denying that the pandemic caused a surge in the demand for packaging and shipping departments of businesses around the globe. While the pleasure of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores has returned, the convenience of online shopping and the availability of a multitude of shipping options has remained. Regardless of how the product leaves your point of sale, the demand for businesses to create distinctive branding, as well as sustainable and damage-resistant packaging, remains high.



Your product container packaging is the first thing that attracts your customers. It needs to be reflective of the spirit of your company and the quality of your product. Contrary to popular belief, customized packaging doesn’t need to break the bank. The days of placing products into non-descript, brown packages are long gone. Logo and color-coordination of product containers with shipping packages and labels are a proven way to achieve immediate product recognition and quality association. 



Consumers are savvy about the need for reusable, environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable packaging that doesn’t sacrifice quality. The shift to sustainable packaging is obvious in brick-and-mortar stores that encourage the use of recyclable fabric bags, to stores that provide branded, multi-functional, reusable paper bags. Sustainable packaging reduces the carbon footprint during its manufacture when compared to the manufacture of single-use plastics and similar items. 



It’s important that your product arrives at its destination safe and sound. The size, resilience, and protection against heat and cold (especially for perishable items) are all necessary considerations when determining your product packaging and shipping package needs. Bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, and divider inserts can all mitigate the potential for damage to products during the delivery process.


Ease of Use

Your customers should never have to struggle to retrieve your product from shipping materials. Not only do consumers need easy open packaging, but the packaging needs to be easily disposed of. From lightweight boxes, to poly-mailers, to shopping bags with sturdy handles, packaging is a reflection of your company and quality. 



There are many viable options to satisfy your shipping needs. Consider using smaller packaging, changing the type of filler utilized to protect your shipment, or swapping out materials used to construct your containers can all impact the affordability of your packaging.


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