What Do Consumers Demand from Your E-Commerce Packaging?

Everyone’s e-commerce sales are exploding. And who knows how long the trend will last?

Current projections maintain that society won’t start to return to normal until the end of 2022 or so.

And even then, it’ll be a gradual transition back to normal daily life.

Coronavirus’ effects could also lead to permanent changes in the retail market. For example, Baby Boomers, who are now purchasing online in droves, may make online buying a permanent part of their lives after COVID-19 subsides.

In other words, it’s mission-critical for you to totally nail the e-commerce packaging experience for your customers.

Because if you don’t, you know your competitors will.

And here’s what consumers want when they receive their online orders:

1. Nearly Half of Consumers Think E-Com Packaging Doesn’t Measure Up to the Quality of the Ordered Product

A poor first impression is difficult to overcome. And the above-mentioned data from storaenso confirms it.

The packaging is kind of blasé. And then the customer gets a great product inside.

So that means the final experience was good. That’s the main thing.

…But an opportunity was missed!

If more companies totally nailed the packaging presentation, that would be more sales they snatch up.

And it could be just what they need to win the market!

So, first impressions matter. A lot. Analyze your niche and identify the opportunities available.

2. Intact Final Products

No surprises here! Your customers want their product to arrive all in one piece. And, ideally, without any scuffs, scrapes, or marks.

Have you given your products extensive drop testing to see how your packaging holds up?

Remember, carriers don’t necessarily care too much about your product arriving in perfect condition. It’s simply their job to get it there. What happens to the packaging or what’s inside is your problem.

Of course, you can’t possibly be perfect. But, you should feel highly confident that nearly every one of your packages arrives in nearly pristine condition.

3. A Painless Unboxing Experience

Is there anyone who wants a long and frustrating unpackaging experience that requires one or more tools from around the home to accomplish?

Opening your product’s package should be simple and abundantly obvious. Not just easy. But so obvious there’s nothing to it.

Also consider the impression your packaging offers as it’s opened. For example, if you offer artificial flowers, does your packaging have a fun, light feel as it’s opened?

And finally, don’t forget the graphical design and print on your packaging. For sentimental gifts, for example, think cursive text. It gives a warm, intimate feel.

Some of these points may seem obvious. But amidst the chaos of online retail, it’s easy for them to get lost.

You can also easily research unpackaging experiences too. Just look them up on YouTube or any popular social media channel to get direct, honest market feedback.

When was the last time you audited your products for their ability to meet these simple consumer demands?