What Leading Companies Are Doing to Navigate the COVID Delta Variant

On October 11th, Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order banning any entity from requiring employees to have the COVID vaccine.

He’s also pushing the Texas legislature to pass a law enforcing the same.

So in some ways, that makes running your business easier here in Texas.

But there’s still a lot of unknowns. And the spread of the Delta variant makes running your business wildly unpredictable day-to-day.

So let’s take a look at what some of the leading corporations, and some smaller companies, are doing to cope.

After all it may be several months, or even possibly a few years, before we get back to normal again:

1. Develop Creative Solutions

Somehow, the show must go on. You can’t just shut down your business and ride out the difficulty caused by COVID.

It really does not take a lot of imagination or bravado to adjust in many cases.

For example, Lisa McCabe ran a dance studio in San Diego County. About 90% of her classes happened at area preschools.

She didn’t do it immediately, but after testing out a dance class online, she found people really wanted to continue on with virtual dance.

So, she combined that with some networking with local organizations to offer free dance classes.

And just 4 months after the closing down of her dance classes, she had more than 2,000 paying students and was able to open up a new studio.

You can read about her story, and others, at CNBC.

2. Pushing Back Plans to Return to the Office

Many large corporations have pushed their plans to return to office off. A lot have been aiming for a September/October return.

But now that’s being put off until January.

Amazon, Google, Blackrock, and many others have done just that.

While employees may get restless and feel disconnected and isolated, they are generally more productive when working from home.

So even though it may be challenging to have many employees working remotely, it may actually be a net positive for your company’s bottom line.

3. Stay Abreast and Be Ready to Change Fast

In the current business climate, you’re literally living one day at a time. The decision you made yesterday may need to be changed the next.

Large grocery chains like Kroger and Publix have begun to require their employees to wear masks in areas where the Delta variant is spreading fast.

You may have to risk looking like a hypocrite or like you don’t know what you’re doing.

New research is coming out. And you have to adjust as best you can.

It’s tough to deal with COVID. Society has extremely different views on masks and vaccines.

People have strong opinions. Experts and leaders may have personal agendas affecting their decision-making.

It’s not easy.

So hopefully this information will help guide you as the situation unfolds.