What Makes D&W Fine Pack So Special?

At first glance, you may feel tempted to think D&W Fine Pack is just another aluminum, rigid, and cutlery products manufacturer. But under the direction of new CEO Kevin Andrews, who was hired to his position in December 2015, they decided to make a dramatic shift in a new direction.

They didn’t know what that direction would be at first. So, they decided to make a 90-day commitment to understanding what would make them special for customers just like you.

It turned out that the quality of their products is their key difference maker. D&W Fine Pack measures quality as the number of customer complaints across the number of cases shipped. The initial rate discovered was .0032%. Though already low, their goal is to drive that rate even lower.

…But that was only part of what D&W discovered makes its products so special for its customers.

These 4 Factors Combined Make D&W Fine Pack an Amazing Supplier

After D&W found out what makes them particularly special to their customers, they knew it would work to leverage other existing qualities to create a special package that differentiates them from the competition.

This includes D&W’s:

  • National footprint
  • Custom solutions
  • Desire to be the supplier of choice

And of course, the already-mentioned quality products. Customers are loving the custom solutions. Since D&W is including new tools and systems to improve their service, CEO Kevin Andrews only expects the company to get even better.

In fact, D&W has taken customization so far that they can even customize your customer’s products. That takes your own differentiation to an even higher level. To make it happen, they’ve invested in an additional Innovation Facility. In that facility, they work with customers to take products from Demand Creation to Product Delivery. Yes, they go as far as helping you perform your own innovation. And since they’re happy to allow you to private label, you get all the credit and the repeat sales from greater brand recognition.

D&W’s new approach helps customers like you win more than ever before. And it’s exactly why we happily recommend them to customers like you when they make the perfect fit for your needs.