What Makes Elkay Plastics So Amazing

When it comes to plastic bags, you just can’t top Elkay. They have the broadest selection of plastic bags you can find anywhere.

They’re not all about selection though…

So what makes Elkay such a big deal? Why do we happily share their name with our customers?

Here’s why:

1. Consistently High Product Quality

Elkay’s products are ISO 9001:2008 certified. And they also pass CFIA and Annual Food Safety Audits.

You may already be familiar with the common ISO standard. As a quick review – it measures an organization’s ability to manage their processes and keep customer service high.

The CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) regulates the safety of food, plants, and animals. And you know how tough and unforgiving any regulating body can be.

2. Elkay Offers Expertise in Helping You Grow

Elkay doesn’t just end their service by giving you bags. Actually, their sales team acts as an extension of your own sales force. With their expertise on your side, they help you choose the right product for your customers – and sell more.

3. Their Packaging Saves You Time and Money

Elkay’s bags frequently ship in cartons with individually labeled inner packs. Since you receive their product in a clean, orderly way, your labor costs stay under control. You don’t waste time receiving and shipping product. And you don’t waste the product itself.

4. Environmentally Friendly Options Available

Elkay remains highly aware of plastic bags and how they can affect the environment. To support this view, they manufacture many of their bags with d2w controlled-life additives.

What are those?

When exposed to sunlight, those additives accelerate the decomposition process. Rather than taking decades, Elkay’s plastic bags take about two years to fully decompose. And they do this without sacrificing the strength or quality of their bags.

5. Intensely High Level of Customer Service

Elkay’s customer service reps undergo rigorous training and certification. When you talk to their team, you get the right answer the first time you call.

You don’t waste your life away waiting on hold. And you get accurate answers quickly.

So, when we recommend Elkay for your company, take that seriously. They’re every bit as good as they sound.