What Makes Fabri-Kal’s Packaging So Awesome

Yep, we’re happy to recommend Fabri-Kal packaging when it makes sense for your needs.

While not the biggest company in its industry, you have to remember that it’s not necessarily the size which matters: it’s their ability to create functional, lasting packaging that meets your precise specifications.

And that’s what the smaller companies frequently rock at. Marriott and Purdue University use Fabri-Kal products, so you know they have what it takes to make even the best of the best happy.

Yes, they have a focus on “world class customer service,” but every company says that. So what’s it really mean at Fabri-Kal?

Well, for starters, they use functionality testing and thermoforming simulations to predict the functionality of your packaging’s design before it’s even made. This is part of what they call the “FK Experience.”

Basically, their experts work jointly with you to help you arrive at a packaging solution that precisely meets your needs.

They rapidly develop a prototype of your packaging so you have a 3D concept to share with your team. And you can even get a short product run to test on your market and gather intelligence.

Plus, since they have a new 400,000 square-foot production facility, that means any volume you request can be quickly and easily made.

A History of Innovation Dating Back to 1950

Chobani, General Mills, and PepsiCo have all engaged Fabri-Kal for groundbreaking innovations in their respective industries.

But, while these happened recently, this really hasn’t been anything new for Fabri-Kal customers.

Fabri-Kal itself began as a 5,000 square foot operation in Kalamazoo, MI in 1950. Their first innovation was buying a machine to produce paint cups for the growing paint-by-number industry at the time.

By 1961, they created their second manufacturing plant in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. And they opened a third in Piedmont, South Carolina in 1981.

And today, some of their existing products already meet customer specifications, so customers (like Marriott) don’t even have the need to engage in a more costly customized product creation process.

In Marriott’s case, Fabri-Kal’s cup protected the hotel chain’s yogurt parfaits, and its Greenware line was already environmentally friendly. So, Marriott was simply able to order from existing product lines.

So whether you need a custom product, or one that already meets a specific purpose, Fabri-Kal meets your needs. And you should brim with excitement when you hear us recommend them to you.