What Makes Fineline Settings So Different from Other Tableware Manufacturers?

Departing slightly from the standard product offering, Fineline Settings goes a step up from functional plastics and tableware to focusing on beauty and quality also.

Other similar manufacturers typically focus on just the basics. Because, that’s all your company typically needs. You simply need cups that hold water without leaking – and that are produced in a sustainable way.

While that makes sense in most situations, Fineline takes plastic tableware to new heights so you can elicit a specific feeling of appreciation for the finer things in life. That’s perfectly okay and appropriate for the right occasion.

So take a look at a few of their product lines to get a better idea of what we mean:

1. Silver Splendor

This product line includes both utensils and plates and dishes. For example, you can get square dinner and dessert plates (sized slightly smaller) with gold bands, blue and gold bands, or silver bands.

Plates and bowls can also be round and come in black, a color that signifies luxury.

Combine this with gold-colored utensils (available in other product lines), and you can easily see how you can take the feel for your event up a notch.

2. Flairware

With a name like this, you’re already getting excited because you know you’ll find something fancy.

The stemware line includes champagne flutes, wine goblets, and old-fashioned champagne glasses (shaped much like martini glasses). Margarita glasses and special dessert cups are also available.

If you need to put on a certain air at your event, Fineline’s Flairware certainly makes it possible.

3. Golden Secrets

The golden utensils that come in this product line do exactly as you expect. Spoons, forks, knives, and cake cutters are available.

Skyrocket the luxurious feel for your event – without breaking your budget at the same time!

So do you see the different direction Fineline’s coming from? They want to help you make a lasting impression.

…And they certainly do!

So that’s why we’re happy to recommend them when they make sense for your needs.