What Makes Pactiv Advanced Packaging Solutions So Great?

You’ve probably read several of our President’s Club vendor profiles by now, where we feature our top vendors. You’ve learned why we like them so much and why they make an amazing addition to your company when their products make sense for your needs.

In continuing with that theme, today we’ll take a look at Pactiv Advanced Packaging Solutions and what makes them so awesome (and why you’ll think they’re pretty cool too).

Founded back in 1959, the Packaging Corporation of America (as it was called then) made one thing and one thing only: cardboard boxes. Purchased by Tenneco Inc. in 1965, the company subsequently made numerous additional acquisitions to transform itself into what it is today: packaging for all industries, with a growing focus on the foodservice industry.

  • An Unrelenting Focus on Core Principles Got Pactiv to Where It Is Today

You probably know many corporations who shift their identity to whatever the market happens to demand. It’s inauthentic, and actually turns many customers off.

This hasn’t happened with Pactiv. They’ve clung to their core ideology of doing the right thing in the right way, and they do not bend from it. Their core principles of customer service and being the only destination their customers need to purchase packaging materials from have helped them remain strong in the marketplace, despite numerous changes and acquisitions over the decades.

And in regard to ethics, for example, Pactiv requires all its own business practices, and those of its suppliers, to use services only from companies who show humans the respect they deserve. No one in their network can use forced, bonded, or child labor. And they even have a special page on their website where you can anonymously report violations of this policy. Then they cease doing business with that violator until they come into compliance.

  • And Pactiv Provides Their Products in a Sustainable Way

No modern packaging company is complete without sustainable production solutions. Pactiv produces all their packaging materials in a 100% sustainable way that focuses on these three key areas:
Energy-efficient buildings and production processes.

Use of alternative resources and recycle materials. Pactiv constantly explores new ways to produce their products.

Reducing waste reduction and management. Pactiv recycles around 90% of their manufacturing scrap.

Feel good about Pactiv? We certainly do. And that’s why we’ll happily recommend them when their products make sense for your business needs.