What Makes Placon Such a Great Packaging Company?

Placon was founded in owner Tom Mohs’ basement in Madison, Wisconsin in 1966 when he built a small thermoforming machine and made the first plastic jewelry box.

These days, you hear about all those internet and tech companies founded in garages and apartments. But Placon happened before them all!

By 1970, the company enlisted Kodak as a client. In 1998, custom thermoformed packaging became available, and Gillette was enlisted as a client.

And now, more than 50 years later, founder Tom Mohs has been inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame for his groundbreaking contributions to the industry.

So when you use the words “innovation” and “excellence” to describe Placon, they’re not used lightly!

But more practically speaking, what makes them such a big deal? This:

1. Custom and Stock Packaging Solutions

Clearly, Placon understands plastic packaging. Since they’ve been industry leaders over the past five decades, they have quite a range of stock for many applications.

But, you get by now that they can more than handle any packaging situation you throw their way. And that’s evidenced by awards they’ve won while making packaging for DuPont and Ameristar.

Anyway, they’ll work with you to create custom packaging solutions specially suited for your products.

2. Industry Specialization

While Placon can operate successfully with any company in any industry, they particularly focus on the retail, food, and medical markets. Placon’s custom packaging designs allow for the most attractive display of products in large chain retail stores.

Food retailers benefit from Placon’s packaging allowing their product to stay on the shelf as long as possible and look as attractive as can be. And, medical products manufacturers get packaging that maximizes revenue, reduces costs, and increases speed-to-market.

Finally, you can top all this off with an on-site state-of-the-art recycling facility. Used packaging gets washed and ground into rollstock, which then gets used to package new consumer goods.

So when it comes to plastic packaging, you’re in good hands with Placon, and that goes regardless of whether you use their stock or custom packaging. And we’re more than happy to recommend them when they make a good fit for your company.