What Makes the O’Dell Corporation’s Cleaning Products A Must-Have

The O’Dell Corporation has an interesting history. Started in 1945 by William O’Dell, a young marine who had just returned home from serving in World War Ii, the company’s grown to a leading supplier for Fortune 500 corporations and family-owned businesses alike.

Young William was able to create exceptional-quality mops and brooms for his day. And today the company specializes in unique solutions. They’ll even make a product to your exact specifications if they don’t already have what you need!

So, what’s the big deal about O’Dell’s products these days? Take a second to find out:

1. The Patriot Mop

The uniqueness of this product begins with its composition: it’s made from 100% recycled combat uniform clippings. And, it’s made entirely in America.

Naturally, kevlar from the uniforms makes it into the mop’s yarn. And guess what? This is one tough, durable mop.

You can count on it cleaning practically anything and lasting a long time. And when it comes time to launder your mop, you won’t have to worry about damaging it in any way.

2. Touchless Mop System

This microfiber mop comes with a convenient pump-action handle that ejects the mop head.

So, you never have to touch a dirty mop head ever again. This also reduces the possibility of contamination when cleaning dirtier substances.

And it makes your cleaning more efficient because you don’t have to launder the mop head in any way.

3. Sure Step Mop

If you’ve ever run or serviced a restaurant, you know how often slips and falls can happen. And even if you don’t, you’ve probably had a few over the years.

Accidents happen.

But you can practically eliminate the frequency of slips-and-falls with the Sure Step mophead.

Even after thorough washing, grease manages to settle on the yarn strands of most mopheads.

Sure Step’s hydrophilic polyester yarns have a grease-release agent baked right in. This allows it to absorb more oils, and also to release more grease than other mopheads when washed.

That leads to cleaner, safer floors. And for restaurant owners, that means far fewer slips-and-falls.

With innovative solutions like this, and even the ability to custom-design products to your exact specifications, the O’Dell Corporation is an awesome supplier partner to have.

And we’re happy to recommend them when they make sense for your needs.