What Makes the Safety Zone’s PPE So Great

How good is Safety Zone’s personal protective equipment? It’s so good that the company was recently acquired by HIG Capital, a private equity firm who specializes in buying potentially high-growth companies with large product portfolios and differentiated value-added services.

In other words, HIG Capital only buys companies it strongly believes to have high growth potential.

Founded in 1973, The Safety Zone specializes in quality safety gloves and other personal protective equipment. And it also builds customized services uniquely suited to meet your company’s needs.

If you’ve used safety gloves of any kind, there’s a high chance you’ve used Safety Zone gloves.

Take a look at some of their leading products:

1. Nitrile Gloves

Used most often in chemical handling, nitrile gloves are also waterproof, grease proof, and oil proof. They’re not fully chemical proof, but they do provide protection from many chemicals.

Companies prefer nitrile gloves to latex because many people have allergic reactions to latex. The powder from powdered gloves can also get into your lungs. Nitrile gloves are also up to 3 times more puncture resistant.

And because of innovations in manufacturing, nitrile now allows you to be almost as comfortable and dextrous as latex.

Finally, the price of nitrile is much more stable than latex. And that means most companies are making the transition from latex to nitrile.

With Safety Zone, you can now get practically any color of nitrile gloves that you want so you match your company’s colors.

2. Bouffants

Bouffants differ from hair nets in that they have a layer of fabric in place which does not have any openings in it. Hairnets, however, are made with a webbing effect that does have openings.

So that means hair nets technically can allow some of your employees’ hair through! Imagine how much customers will like that.

Bouffants completely eliminate that risk.

The other main difference between bouffants and hair nets is that bouffants are a little more obvious to notice. That means a lower likelihood of mistakes during compliance checks.

The Safety Zone offers a variety of colors and sizes of bouffants to meet every single one of your needs.

While this overview was brief, you can see why The Safety Zone has become a leader in the markets it serves.

If you ever need any of its products, you definitely won’t be disappointed when you purchase. And that’s why we happily recommend them whenever they make sense for your needs.