What Rocks about This Addition To Pollock’s President’s Club Strategic Supplier Partners

You may not know this company’s name. But you absolutely, guaranteed, no-doubt-about-it know the product they invented:

Stretch wrap.

Yes. Lantech invented stretch wrap in 1972 at the peak of our nation’s energy crisis. And since then, stretch wrap has served as the standard for unitizing pallets.

Lantech’s changed a little since then (sarcasm intended).

They now hold the rights to more than 277 patents that help customers just like you eliminate wasted material and money from your supply chain. Lantech now has a goal to eliminate damaged products throughout the supply chain entirely.

Today, they manufacture essentially two categories of equipment:

  • Stretch wrappers
  • Case equipment

1. Highlights of Lantech’s Stretch-Wrapping Machines

Semi-automatic machinery wraps 20-40 loads per hour. Automatics top out at well over 180 loads per hour, depending on the machine you choose.

The Q-series is the most popular semi-automatic model. It’s entry-level and makes it easy to stretch wrap most common loads and sizes. The S-series is designed specifically for unstable, light, and heavy loads. And finally, the G-series is a high-quality, long-lasting option for the low-volume user.

With the automatic stretch wrappers, the Q-series gets you up to 70 loads per hour. The S-series weighs in at about 100, and the RL series does the highest volumes at 180 loads per hour – all without any jams.

2. Highlights of Lantech’s Case Equipment

Lantech’s case erectors and case sealers keep your cases square – but they do not jam! That means increased productivity and less time with technical troubleshooting.

Both machine types automatically adjust to the case width you need wrapped. With the case erectors, 8 suction cups hold boxes in place while corners get formed. Unique flap folders also help to maintain perfect 90-degree corners. The two-stage flap folding system in the case sealers assures flat surfaces so your product stacks safely and with perfect stability. Case sealers also come loaded with rulers and counters to ensure perfect accuracy throughout the entire sealing process.

Clearly, Lantech has progressed way ahead from where it first started with stretch wrapping. When their stretch wrapping machinery makes sense for you, we’re more than happy to recommend them!