What Supplies You Need to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business

Opening your own commercial cleaning business requires more than hiring cleaners and buying the products you can purchase at a box store. Chemicals and cleaning supplies must meet the rigorous standards set forth by government agencies since the health of your co-workers and customers is partially based on how clean and disinfected the office is. Pollock Orora has you covered with our extensive product line of RadianceTM cleaners, disinfectants, and beyond.

Protect Yourself First

You and your co-workers are your business’s most important assets. Protect yourself and others with personal protective equipment (PPE), from face masks and shields to gloves and aprons. The amount of PPEs you wear depends on where you are cleaning. High-risk infection areas, such as hospitals or clinics, need much more heavy-duty protective gear than a traditional office. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gives a detailed rundown of proper cleaners, chemicals, and PPEs required for various environments.

Equipment for the Job

To make all surfaces clean necessitates a bevy of chemicals, from glass cleaner to floor polish. Before you take on a client, tour the facility to be cleaned to determine the following:
• What level of sanitation is necessary
• The equipment and chemicals to complete the task

In other words, a client’s kitchen with a polished cement floor has different needs than a client with a carpeted office.

Most cleaning businesses begin with the following:
• LEED-certified vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and various attachments
• Push broom, hand brushes, and dustpan
• Self-wringing or cloth mop and bucket
• Dry mop and pads (disposable or reusable)
• Scrub brushes, varied sizes and shapes
• Cleaning rags (disposable or reusable microfiber cloths)
• Sponges
• Floor polisher/buffer with disposable or reusable pads
• Spray bottles
• Squeegees
• Electrostatic sprayers with disinfectant
• Feather duster
• Laundry bag and bucket for carrying supplies to and from job site

Chemicals needed for a cleaning business may include but are not limited to:
• Window cleaners
• Stainless steel cleaners
• Multi-purpose surface cleaners and sanitizers
• Soap or detergent
• Dishwashing soap and dishwasher detergent
• Bleach or sodium hypochlorite disinfectant or equivalent
• Gel or other viscous cleaner/disinfectant for vertical surfaces or hard-to-reach crevices
• Room and bathroom deodorizers and air fresheners
• Bathroom cleaners and sanitizers
• Kitchen cleaners and sanitizers (choose food grade of applicable)
• Heavy-duty degreaser
• Wood/furniture polish or oil
• Oven cleaner
• Descaler for tile and other surfaces
• Carpet cleaner/stain remover

Replenishable stock that you may need for your cleaning business:
• Bathroom tissue with dispensers
• Facial tissue
• Paper napkins with dispensers
• Liquid soap and dispensers
• Hand sanitizer and dispensers
• Trash bags

RadianceTM Cleaning Solutions

Pollock Orora’s line of RadianceTM cleaning solutions gives your business a quality touch without breaking your budget. Here are some of the solutions offered:
• Chemicals: All surfaces inside your business, warehouse, and vehicles remain in great condition with Radiance comprehensive solutions. From floor strippers to bathroom and kitchen cleaners, keep all surfaces in the best, safest condition possible.
• Cleaning equipment: Dispensers for your co-workers and customers ensure only the proper amount of cleaning solution or sanitizer is dispensed.
• Restock items: Rely on Pollock Orora for paper products to clean your bathrooms, kitchens, and workstations. For your shipping needs, our Radiance stretch film will stretch your dollars.

New businesses work smarter with advice from experts. Give Pollock Orora a call at 800-843-7320 for a consultation to train your co-workers on the most modern procedures to safeguard your future clients, and read our blogs for great ideas on how your business can thrive!