What to do About Biden’s New Vaccine Mandate

President Biden basically announced a “get vaccinated or else” policy for employers with at least 100 employees.

Many states, including Texas, plan to openly defy and contest the orders.

Among other things, the Executive Order will allow employees to report COVID violations, which can lead to up to a $14,000 fine per violation.

No one knows exactly how this will play out. So, how can you keep your business operating and profiting while this mess sorts itself out?

Here’s some thoughts:

1. Keep Working Remotely

Reports haven’t indicated yet exactly what will happen to remote workers as a result of this new mandate.

However, it seems rather odd that such a mandate would affect remote workers who don’t even come into the office.

You may be best off simply allowing your staff to work remotely while you wait and see how this mandate actually plays out.

There’s also plenty of evidence to support the idea that remote workers are actually happier and more productive.

2. Simply Ignore the Mandate

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has openly slammed Biden’s new vaccine mandate.

Abbott has even barred local governments and school districts from enforcing their own vaccine mandates.

While Abbot resists the idea that employees should be forced to get the vaccination, he does support employees getting the vaccination by their own choice.

Governor Abbot and Attorney General Ken Paxton are working on their legal strategy to fight Biden’s mandate.

You can ignore the mandate. And it may turn out that somehow Texas and other states who resist Biden’s mandate will win.

But then again, they may not. And that could lead to a plethora of fines for your business.

It’s a risky decision. And one you have to weigh carefully.

One of the Most Difficult Decisions You’ll Ever Mak

For right now, those are really your two choices. As of the time of this writing, Biden’s mandate has not yet become effective.

However, it may be in place by the time you have read this.

And once in place, you’ll likely have around 50 – 90 days to comply. So it’s important to consider the pros and cons for your business, and have your course of action ready.

More than likely, the mandate will at least be in place for some time. It will require a bitter legal fight to contest and/or block, however that plays out.

We wish you the best during this challenging time!