What to Do When Mopping Leaves Floors Sticky

Mopping the floors doesn’t always remove stickiness. Despite our best efforts, mopping can sometimes be the culprit of making floors sticky. This can be a frustrating experience, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start from scratch. If you catch the problem early enough, there’s typically a quick fix. Here’s what to do when the floors are still sticky after being mopped. 


How to Remove Sticky Residue from Floors


Address the Problem Quickly

If you catch the problem soon enough after mopping, or if there’s only a thin layer of residue, you might be able to take care of it just by using a wet mop and cool water. This is the best case scenario for fixing a floor that’s still sticky after mopping. 


Use an Auto Scrubber if Needed

Sometimes, you don’t catch the sticky floor problem right away. There’s also a chance that there will be more than a little residue or that it will have been sitting on the floor for a long time. If you have a residue problem a mop can’t solve, use an automated floor scrubber. Start with a red pad, which is less abrasive than its counterparts. If that doesn’t do the trick, switch to a blue pad, which is more often used for heavy-duty scrubbing. 


How to Avoid Sticky Floors


Dilute Chemicals Correctly

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to chemical dilution. Or, better yet, use an automated dilution system to remove the guesswork. Not using enough chemicals means you’re essentially rinsing the floor. Using too much of a cleaning chemical often leads to residue or damages the surfaces you’re cleaning. 


Use Neutral Cleaning Chemicals

Alkaline cleaners can leave behind residue, even when used correctly. Opt for a neutral cleaner if you find yourself constantly encountering this problem. Any product with a pH value of 8 or higher is considered alkaline. Bleach and all-purpose cleaners tend to fall into this category. Neutral floor cleaners have a pH at or close to 7, and they can safely be used on a daily basis without damaging the finish of your floors. 


No one likes having sticky floors, especially after they’ve been cleaned. If you find yourself in the market for new cleaning solutions that won’t leave residue, Pollock Orora can help. Contact us today to learn more.