What to Look for in an Industrial Cleaning Supply Company

If you run a business, you need industrial cleaning supplies. They may not be the most fun thing to shop for, and you may not know what you’re looking at when you see them. However, they’re a necessary part of operating a business, especially one that serves people. Here are some of the most important things to look for when finding an industrial cleaning supplier:

Look at several websites

You might be totally blown away by the incredible designs and marketing on one website and decide it will be your industrial cleaning supply company for life. Instead, look at a number of websites because other companies may offer very similar products and services for less money. Once you find the services that best suit your needs, give the company a call.

Talk to the company’s representatives

How do they handle calls? Can they answer all your questions? Are you shuttled from person to person? If this is how they treat a new customer, how do they treat an existing customer with concerns? If a company’s customer service team does not meet your expectations, move to your next choice.

High-quality materials and manufacturing

The products a quality manufacturer creates are generally a higher grade than its competitors’. Search out companies with the latest technology and innovative products and labeling. You want to make sure you’re getting the best possible products, and you can do that by finding a company that clearly understands and believes in the products they’re selling.

Green solutions

There will always be industrial cleaning supplies that contain hazardous materials, and for some industries, such as the medical industry, those may be necessary to use until we find a better solution. However, most businesses can benefit from using products that are friendlier to the environment and to those who inhabit the building. Seek out a company that offers affordable, eco-friendly products for industrial cleaning.


Ensure your choice of industrial cleaning supply company has a stellar track record and has been in business long enough to prove it can withstand the rigors of strong prosperity and high demand as well as poor economic downturns with diminishing returns. The longer a company has been in business, the more likely it is to stay in business. Pollock Orora opened its doors in 1918, surviving the Great Depression and subsequent economic roller coasters. We will not fail you.

Look online for industrial cleaning supply companies, then contact Pollock Orora. We can meet your industrial cleaning supply needs with the backing of 100 years of service. Visit https://pollock.com or call us at 855 239-5153. We look forward to making solved happen for you.