What’s next for LEED?

Trees reflected on building

As the millennial generation continues to rise in the workforce, buildings and facilities may need to raise the bar on their LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification.

Millennials are a high-tech, environmentally-conscious bunch. According to a recent Forbes article, 64% of millennials value work that makes the world a better place over high salaries. In a recent study by Nielson, millennials were willing to pay more for products that came from companies committed to sustainability.

Just as every generation has done, the millennial generation will drive trends with its values. Everything—including the buildings where they choose to live and work—will need to adapt to their ideals. In the midst of this change, buildings with top certifications in LEED may find themselves in high demand while others find themselves scramble to catch up.

Prepare now to avoid scrambling later. Even if you aren’t seeking LEED certification for your building or facility at this time, you can still work toward better environmental standards. Not only does it send a positive message to the people you work and do business with—it is proven to improve worker safety and reduce your operational costs.

The next step is simple—schedule your free energy efficiency or LEED Certification evaluation by calling 800.843.7320, or emailing info@pollock.com.